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The Santa Croce Range Collection

What is Santa Croce leather? To answer this we have to look to the traditions of leather making in Florence, Italy during the late 1500's. During this time within the High Renaissance era, craft shops developed territory reinventing the way leather was manufactured. Santa Croce leather was created just for this purpose, creating an executive blueprint to Italy's most uniquely made leather. Created using vegetable tanning (utilizing retention characteristics of properties found within chestnut wood bark) & natural handmade dyeing methods; Santa Croce leather made briefcases and bags are as exceptional as they are timeless. 



At Pratesi, we uphold the artisanal tradition that the famous and historic Italian leather market demands. Pratesi's methodology refuses to compromise on shortcuts related to automation and mass production that come at the expense of quality. Still now when you behold a genuine Pratesi product of our skilled artisans utilizing skills that have been handed down through our family for three generations; our master tanners remain faithful to their century-old craftsmanship production, a combination of tradition and up-to-date technology.